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Cocktail Box Non-Alcohlic _ 0% _ Alcohol Free

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Cocktail Boxes

2 Cocktails in Each Box

You will get 2 cocktails in each box, each with 2 servings - so that is 4 drinks in total!


Pre-measured Ingredients & Step by Step Guide

Inside our boxes, you are provided with all the pre-measured ingredients for two servings of each, step-by-step instructions & garnishes for you to assemble & create your chosen cocktails. Each box is mindfully hand packed with eco-friendly materials. Please keep your bottles, we will come pick them up if you are local to us. Just email us when you are finished - it helps us to keep supporting our planet!


Delivery / Collection

If you are based locally, we can offer a delivery service costing £5. For courier deliveries, these are priced at £8.50 which is a next day tracked service. Local collection can also be selected.


Any perishables should be placed in the fridge on arrival if not using straight away, this includes: juices, fruit, cold brew coffee and any food. Boxes should be consumed in 2/3 days unless they are our Christmas Festive Boxes which are designed to last for longer. 

Note: you have to be 18 years or over to purchase any of our products. 


Festive Cocktail Boxes

Festive Cocktail Boxes

You will receive a cocktail box, with the same specification as our standard cocktail boxes above, but these have a festive twist and offer longevity (we have curated cocktails which are not dependent on perishables goods but still are delicious and are full of flavour!)


Disaronno, Fever Tree Ginger Ale

Festive Filled Bauble Gift

Festive Filled Bauble Gift Bags

Our 'From the Wild' filled bauble gift bags are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our window kraft gift bags come complete with 2 x 100ml baubles, 2 x tonic water, 'From the Wild' place card with serving and foraging suggestions. With each bauble containing 100ml each, each serves a double measure.

Our chosen liqueuers this year celebrate English brands curating spirit liqueurs using foraged ingredients from our natural landscape; Foxdenton Damson Gin Liqueur & Amarosa Rosehip Rum Liqueur.


Foxdenton Estate, a family run company based in The Home Counties, specialising in the production of English Fruit Gin liqueurs and London Dry Gin.  Using the finest Damsons from Herefordshire, Northamptonshire and Kent, this liqueur is rich and jammy with lots of ripe berry on the nose, giving way to almond, allspice a juniper. A deliciously festive taste on the palate and best served with tonic water.   

Buck & Birch, curated by Tom & Rupert, bound by a shared fascination for the wild their craft spirits and liqeuers are inspired by our environment, supporting local farmers and foragers to produce delicious, sustainability drinks. The Amorosa Rosehip Rum Liqueur has been curated from foraged rosehips, blended with juicy green apples, honey and herbs. Mix these sweet fruit flavours with spiced vanilla and molasses its finish is one of festive joy. Best served neat over ice, or could be combined with Prosecco to produce a Kir Royale. 


There are no perishables in this gift bag so it can be bought and gifted months in advance. 

Note: you have to be 18 years or over to purchase any of our products. 


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