FRIENDSHIP Cocktail List

To complete your cocktail box, please choose a cocktail which best describes the person you have been allocated in your group. 

Bloomin' Bold

Bloom Gin, St Germain, Martini Blanco, Prosecco, Thyme

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You have two distinctive sides to you… you are sophisticated, yet sassy. Elegant, yet cheeky. Serious, yet light-hearted! When you mean business, you are to the point and certainly do not add any unnecessary frills to your work. Your friends are envious of your madly organised world and jealous you had all your ducks in a row before turning 25! Your secret: that diary planner of yours!! But once your job is done, you let go and know exactly how to enjoy a night out but maybe a little too much... with your cocktail containing 100% alcohol, you're sure to finish your night spending it with Mr W/C. 


Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Orange Mango & Passionfruit Juice, Sugar Syrup, Passionfruit, Prosecco

For Friendship Cocktails: 

Excitable, reckless and in a league of your own! You want to look and come across as sophisticated - that is why you choose a Martini! But as soon as that shot of fizz goes in… wow that is it… you have no social filter and you're on the dance floor shaking your thaang like the reckless hooligan you are! And it is this spirit for life that everyone loves – you are the life and soul of the party! However, with all that fizz and mixing alcohol, you are a nightmare on a hangover – a chick flick and domino's the next day is your only way through it!  

Knickerbocker Bubbles

Havana Club Anejo Especial, Kraken Rum, Raspberry Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cointreau, Soda, Marshmallows, Glace Cherries.

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You're the big kid of the group, your childish spirits are infectious and your bubbly nature puts a smile on everyone's faces. You may be cringey at times, but your friends let it slide because they see the cuteness in you. Although you love a night out, you are not a massive drinker and choose the sweetest of drinks – that takes away the taste of all alcohol, right?! After a boogie in the club, you are ready to leave after 1am, but not to go home to bed… to go to the kebab shop! Without drunk food at the end of your night it is not really a night out in your eyes!

Pot 'O' Gold

Beefeater Gin, Rhubarb & Ginger Whitley Neil Gin, Pineapple Juice, Sicilian Tonic Water, Jelly Sweets.

For Friendship Cocktails: 

Your motto in life is: work hard, play hard! You are a workaholic, (possibly the bees’ knees in your workplace?!), but as soon as the clock strikes 5 on a Friday that is it… your inner diva is unleashed! Off comes your shirt, loafers and ponytail, on goes your glittery gold dress and 6-inch heels! Being the high flyer of the group, you like to splash the cash on a night out – your signature spend is a tray of shots! Yes, you thought right, Tequila’s! These are your pots of gold at the end of your rainbow… unlike your friends!  

Under The Hat

Kraken Rum (or Tennessee Honey Whiskey if needed), Lemon Juice, Ground Spice, Marmalade, Soda

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You're the Paddington Bear of the group: polite, popular, friendly and incredibly lovable. There is always that friend in the group that you go to, to share secrets with, to offload, to cry and to share happy memories with – and that friend is you! Everyone knows a secret with you is safe, secure, locked away until needed – just like Paddington does with his sandwiches! Your secret weapon is your sweet, charming nature, you are the definition of the ‘Girl Next Door’ – a trait most girls wish they had!

Mad Hatter

Absolut Vodka, St Germain, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Summer Fruits

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You're wild, eccentric and fantastically mad! You are the host with the most and oh boy don't you know it! You like things fruity, full of life and your teapot is always full (of booze that is)! If your friends need someone to cheer them up or have some whacky fun adventures with, you are the one! If your friends need someone to be serious or keep them in check… you are not the right candidate! Keep being completely crazy and brilliantly bonkers!


Havana Club 3, Blueberry Syrup, Limes, Sugar, Soda, Mint Leaves, Lemongrass.

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You're smart, independent and oh so cultural! You've definitely been on a gap year to 'find yourself' and most probably this was found in Bali! Discovering your inner zen and embracing a spiritual nature, you are the one that goes with the flow! It would not surprise your friends if you went rouge and became a full-blown naturist! Although you like a social catch up, you're happy to sneak off before the clock strikes 12! You take care of your health and wellness - Mojito's are healthy right? They have leaves in them and this one has the detoxifying blueberry? 

Spicy Senorita 

Chilli infused Aperol, Tequila, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Soda.

For Friendship Cocktails: 

You are the bad ass of the group! If there is a rule to be broken, you're sure to be the one to do it! You are like a hot weather animal; you move slowly in the day but as soon as night falls you come alive to the raving firecracker you're known for! Usually the leader of the pack, you are the girl to be with when skipping the queue at the club. You have a fiery side, but under that you are warm hearted and totally loyal!

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